Ever since her first pony ride at the age of six, Sam has found a passion in horses. She competed at various levels and in several different disciplines as a junior rider and was lucky enough to own her first horse, Max, at the age of eleven. As an adult with a demanding career, time in the barn can be hard to come by, but Sam spends as much time as possible with her six year old, Quarter Horse mare, Stella. They enjoy taking lessons, competing, and trail riding together.

Sam spends the majority of her days working heavily involved in politics and policy in the State of New Jersey. As a healthcare lobbyist, she is familiar with the landscape, complex relationships, and issues that are centered within Trenton and U.S. politics. She holds a undergraduate degree in Political Science, a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Public Administration and is presently completing her second Masters Degree in Homeland Security. Sam is able to apply this education and skill set to help advance the advocacy of Hoof Prints on the Heart. Educating others, including elected officials on this important program and the individuals that it helps, has proven critical since Hoof Prints is operated solely off of grants and donations. 

​​​​Samantha DeAlmeida, Advocacy Director

Jacki Hundertpfund, President

The oldest of three children, Jacki was the only one who had a passion for horses from birth. Her first equine riding experience was at age 2 when she ran ahead of her mom and aunt, wanting so badly to ride the yellow horse in front of the grocery store. She didn't even wait for the quarter to be inserted..... Up, on and over she went, landing her 1st broken bone. That didn't stop Jacki's life long passion for horses. At age 7, she began taking riding lessons and begged her parents for a horse. They explained the expense of owning a horse, and told Jacki if she could afford that expense, then she could have a horse. Jacki graduated high school and was accepted into the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She took a summer job working full time at AT&T.  By mid summer, Jacki owned her 1st horse! She rented a dry stall and took care of her horse every day, before and after work! Florida was officially on hold! She enrolled in Brookdale Community College. The days became longer, barn, work, college, barn, home, repeat..... until she came home one day to the announcement her parents were retiring, selling the house and moving to Florida!  Luckily, Jacki found a house to rent on a horse farm! It was a dream come true to finally live on a farm with her horse! Jacki's life took a dramatic turn when she made the decision to leave AT&T and open her own salon, Jacki O's. (A childhood nickname).  It was time for another horse. First one, then 2 horses!  Jacki purchased a parcel of land with only a house and a chicken coup on it. The property was located very close to her salon and she went full speed ahead, raising her son, running her salon as an owner/operator and building Golden Gait Farm. Today, Jacki continues to operate Golden Gait Farm. You will find her in the barn everyday. If your not a morning person, beware of her irritatingly silly, bouncing with energy personality first thing every morning. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her son, traveling and visiting her mom in Florida. Jacki also enjoys photography and riding her horses on the beautiful trails surrounding the farm with her friends. It's been a long hard road, however, Jacki strongly believes "do what you love and love what you do!" She feels like she's living her childhood dream. Jacki feels very fortunate, grateful and blessed, this life is a gift. She wanted to find a way to give back and help people, which led to the formation Hoof Prints On The Heart Inc.  Today, Jacki continues on her mission of providing retired horses a safe home for life and giving back to the men and women who have bravely served our country.   Jacki's biggest supporter is her son, Alex. While he's in school full time, works part-time, he always finds time to help his mom with anything she needs.  Jacki's biggest fan was her dad, a Marine Corps Veteran who sadly passed away 6 years ago. He instilled a passion for working hard and living life. Jacki feels his presence every day around the farm whether it's walking by something he built or repaired, or hearing a veterans many stories. She knows her dad is smiling down upon her.

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Hoof Prints on the Heart

About us:
It all started with trying to find a job for horses that weren't able to be shown or ridden anymore. What do you do with them? Most people don't want to pay board on a horse that's not "useable." Too many of them end up at an auction or tossed out in a field to live out the rest of their life. This causes overcrowding in rescues, only to be challenged where to place them and how to raise money to care for them properly. 
At Hoof Prints on the Heart, horses are donated to our program. It becomes their "Forever home." Every horse is given an important job and that job becomes the easiest in their golden years! All they have to do is be loved, groomed, eat treats, & spoiled, forever, until they move on to the pearly pasture gates. Their only  job is to teach people how to love them and cope with individual problems in a peaceful serene environment. At Hoof Prints on the Heart, every horse has a forever home here on our farm, and a place in the hearts of everyone. Every amount donated, great or small goes towards this mission to provide a horse with a forever home, and a person in need the Equine Assisted Therapy that will help them in a way that's priceless. Even if you can't donate, please share our Facebook page and website to spread the word & assist in making our mission successful. We are a 501c(3) non profit and all donations are 100% tax deductible.